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Between 16 -18 December 2007
Pattaya, Thailand
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SPIE Best Student Paper Awards generally total $750 US ($500 1st place, $250 2nd place) and include a free year of SPIE Student Membership for each recipient.

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There are 15 OSA IEEE SPIE student free member awards for students who have the accepted and presented papers.

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Dear : Colleagues

Special Issue: Nonlinear Optics in 2007 - JNOPM

          The field of Nonlinear Optics has continued to progress at a rapid pace, mostly as a result of rapid progresses in material research and development. New understanding of the basic physics and principles of light matter interaction have also led to the discovery of interesting new phenomena and processes. This timely Special Issue will gather leading workers in this field to present an overview of the status of their respective areas, as well as to report on recent new findings.

          As the editor of this special issue, it is my pleasure to invite you as a leading researcher in the field of Nonlinear Optics to write an invited paper on a topic of your choosing.

Specific topics include but are not limited to the following :

-extremely nonlinear optical materials

multi-photon absorptions, excited state absorption and nonlinear transmission
-nonlinear optical metamaterials and nanostructures, photonic crystals
-photorefractive materials; organic nonlinear optics
-slow light, solitons, and novel optical phenomena

I hope that you will join us in making this special issue a valuable and constructive undertaking, and look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Thank you

With Best Regards,

I. C. Khoo

 Manuscript Guidelines :

          For the selected papers, the manuscript receipt deadline is November 15, 2007. A rapid review system will be in place for notification on the final acceptance of the paper within 3 - 5 weeks of submission, and the accepted papers will be scheduled for the first two issues of JNOPM 2007.

Please send the manuscript prepared in MS Word and PDF copy to :
Prof. I. C. Khoo
Email :
Department of Electrical Engineering
Pennsylvania State University
University park, PA 16820, USA.

Typically a full length article in JNOPM is about 12 - 15 typewritten pages [double spaced, 12 point fonts] plus figures and illustrations.

Submission of a manuscript implies that the paper has not been published, and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

          The manuscript, including an abstract of ~100 words, references, tables figures, figure captions, should be typed in English, double-spaced on one side only. Legible, compact notation should be used, conforming to current practice. Numerical fractions are preferably put on one line, e.g. ?. Section headings are numbered in Arabic; so are tables and figures. Original figures and photos are preferred, and they should be large enough for reduction to a minimum of 50 % of their original size. A list of figure captions should be given on a separate sheet. Each page of the manuscript should be numbered at the top.

          Footnotes should be indicated consecutively in the text with superscript lower case letters. References are numbered consecutively using superscript Arabic numbers in the order of citation. Footnotes and references should be listed separately at the end of the text material. The preferred format of the references is indicated below :

1.N. Bloembergen and P. Pershan, Phys. Rev. 128, 193 (1962)
2.I. Author, The Principles of Technical Subjects ( Publisher, City, 2006).
3.Alpha. B. Gamma, Critical review of nonlinear hydrodynamic effects in liquid crystal optical devices, ed. Peter. A. Anderson (Pleasantville, Chicago, 1978) chp.1, pp. 23-34.
4.T. Sasaki, Design consideration in optical limiting and switching devices - Proc. 5th Midwest Symp. Optical Devices and Systems, Omaha, Nebraska, USA (Aug. 1975), pp. 45-49.

All submitted papers will be acknowledged and refereed. They will not be returned. There is no page charge and 50 free reprints will be provided to the first authors.

The conference manuscript will be followed the World Scientific style. World Scientific has produced a style/template document in other formats for authors contributing to Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials (JNOPM). The templates can be downloaded at the following url :

Editor :P. P. YupapinKMITL, Thailand
Associate Editors :W. TechithdeeraKMITL, Thailand
 M. A. AllenMU, Thailand
 R. ChitareeMU, Thailand

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